eMOTION is a German-Danish cross-border (Interreg 4A) project, focusing on the possibilities for development and use of new technologies enabling sustainable electric mobility.


A strong German-Danish border region

The German-Danish borderregion has strong competencies and market positions within electro-technical and energy management areas. And a potential exists for a horizontal spread to the upcoming electric vehicle markets.

Knowledge and business

The overall eMOTION project objective is to take advantage of the growing electro mobility market possibilities by:

  • building knowledge, facilitating innovation processes and establishing networks supporting development and deployment of technologies enabling sustainable electro mobility
  • supporting business development within important value-creating and knowledgebased industries.


The project is structured as shown in the fi gure below. The work related to building knowledge contains a number of work packages directed towards developing a common German-Danish knowledge base supporting business development of electro mobility technologies.