Electro mobility business development, dissemination, and competence building



Markets for electro mobility equipment and services are foreseen to grow quickly over the coming years along with out-scaling of electric vehicles. This will be driven by the huge energy and climate challenges facing the transport sector and demanding a switch to energy effective and non-fossil fuel solutions. Thereby, new business development options are provided, also in the Schleswig-K.E.R.N. and Southern Denmark region. Interesting potentials in particular exist in connection with horizontal spread of electro-technical and energy management competencies and positions into the upcoming electric vehicle markets. However, to best exploit these possibilities a support to and coordination of business development efforts is required. This is the focus of the present working package.

Furthermore, intelligence regarding the new market possibilities is crucial for especially the small and medium sized enterprises in order for them to assess their business potentials. Likewise, it is important that activities in companies interact with knowledge and research capable of sustaining their competitiveness in international markets. In addition, demonstration of and information on regional electro mobility efforts is important to raise awareness about possibilities in the new markets. Therefore, the present working package also deals with dissemination and competence building related to regional electro mobility efforts.


Objectives and results:

On this background this working package has as its overall purpose to support business development within the electro mobility sector through regional coordination and enhancement of efforts in order to fulfill requirements of companies. Thereby market-pull and synergies in fields of interest for the region is created. Furthermore, the working package aims at raising awareness about regional development possibilities, and to improve competence building. This is achieved through completion of activities aiming at the following main results:

  1. facilitate innovation projects and create public-private partnerships aiming at development and deployment of new regionally based electro-mobility technologies and concepts
  2. provide inputs to development of regional electro mobility networks in collaboration with relevant existing German and Danish business and knowledge development initiatives
  3. support demonstration of regional case applications and competencies within the electro mobility sector, e.g. electro-rally events, exhibitions and company visits
  4. monitor regional industrial position and initiatives related to electro mobility
  5. describe market possibilities for potential regional suppliers of components, systems and services for the electro mobility sector
  6. describe regional knowledge and research capabilities related to the electro mobility sector and identify public sector interests,
  7. identify regional competence building needs on different levels related to electro mobility and suggest specific activities in the form of courses, etc.
  8. develop and formulate a strategy for regional electro mobility business activities
  9. disseminate information on electro mobility on the web, seminars, workshops, etc.

Responsible partner:

UdviklingsRåd Sønderjylland (URS)
Bjerggade 4K, DK-6200 Aabenraa

Gustav Nebel

+45 3055 3165